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Cloud42 was developed by Frank Bitzer during a diploma thesis at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Meanwhile, Frank has left University and Cloud42 is maintained by his company just works! Software. However, time is always rare and there are a lot of other projects to care for. So if you like Cloud42 and want to keep us motivated, maybe you will find a possibility to support us from the alternatives below.


Encourage us to improve Cloud42 by donating money via PayPal to support cinema and subway visits ;-)


The source code of Cloud42 is maintained in a public repository at Github.

If you fixed a problem or implemented some improvements on Cloud42, please become a contributor at Github. Great Open Source projects live from great communities, so be part of it.

Become a sponsor!

Becoming a partner or a sponsor of a Cloud42 is a great way to support Cloud42 and promote your business. There are many opportunities for sponsorship. The most common way is to expose your logo and a link to your website on our website, but feel free to contact us for further collaboration.


Help Cloud42 to become well known, tell the world of this project, share it, digg it, bookmark it! Or link it from your website. And don't forget to follow this project on twitter!


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